Hi, my name is Lauren, and I have a problem.

Hi there, everyone. You might know me as The Army Doctor’s Wife. I started this second blog because I know there are some who read my main blog who aren’t interested in the ins and outs of my dysfunctional ovaries and journey to having a baby, therefore, I’ve created a second outlet for me to share, and vent, about this frustrating journey. Fair warning to anyone arriving here: this blog is nothing but TMI. TMI, all the time. If you aren’t interested in periods, ovulation, fertility, and baby-making talk, you should navigate away right about now, and don’t come back, because this blog is all about my ovaries, my P(c)OS Ovaries.

Okay, now that that’s over, for the handful that stuck around, here’s my deal:

I have PCOS. I was diagnosed when I was in college after not getting a period for three months (and not being pregnant, since I’d never ever had sex). I don’t look the part of a PCOS patient. I’m “skinny” PCOS. I don’t have any excess body hair. I DO, however, have acne that sprung up on me in the past few months (VOM.IT.) Back then, my doctor put me on birth control to regulate my hormones and cycle. All was well and I didn’t think twice about it. Then I got married, and we started planning when we wanted to have children.

That time is, um, six months ago.

In January, we agreed I would stop taking birth control just to “see what happened.” What happened was I got one period and it never came again. To this day. July 14, 2011. 143 days. No period. That good old PCOS diagnosis reared it’s ugly head in my face. Thanks to my husband’s job- an Army doctor, more specifically, a brand spanking new doctor in his intern year of residency- I was able to finally get an appointment to see the Reproductive Endocrinologist/infertility specialist last Friday. He gave me a hope, a plan, and a heck of a lot of drugs. Here’s the plan of action:

Progesterone, 10 days, jump start period (currently on day 7)

Metformin- very, very gradual introduction until I reach 2000mg at 8 weeks

Clomid- 100mg, begin on day three of new cycle

HSG exam, call to schedule on day one of new cycle, will complete between day five and ten.

Days 10-25: baby making exercises

Day 28-35: wait patiently for period, OR, lack of period. On day 35, if no period has come, call to schedule blood draw for pregnancy test. If negative… start over. If positive… Excellent news!

My husband also has to complete his own special test too, but I’m not going to write about that much since it’s personal for him.

So that’s the plan. I’m excited and scared and hopeful and panicked and optimistic and pessimistic all at the same time. Come along for this crazy emotional roller coaster that I’ve jumped on, and please, by all means, share your stories with me- I can use all the commiseration I can get.


5 thoughts on “Hi, my name is Lauren, and I have a problem.

  1. I’ve got the same deal, minus the “skinny” and hairless part. Thanks PCOS, for giving me a ‘stache. Ugh. I’m going through a clomid cycle too, hopefully with an IUI if my ovaries look like they’re cooperating with ovulating. I’d highly recommend ovulation predictor kits during the “baby making activity” phase- very helpful info to know what CD you ovulate on. Plus you can find them super cheap on Amazon.

    Good luck and I look forward to hearing about your BFP!!

  2. I will be following along on this baby making journey!! lol
    I can’t have anymore babies myself – so I am going to live vicariously through you ok?
    Good luck and I can’t wait until you post WE ARE PREGNANT!!!

  3. I am wishing you the best of luck and know that we are all here to support you as much as we can throughout this journey. I have really enjoyed following you and C’s journey and find it beyond wonderful that you two have such a strong relationship. Good or bad, I know you two will get through this together! 🙂

  4. Hey I saw on Twitter that you’re in NC and an Army wife. Are you also a patient of Dr. P? Good luck with this cycle. I’m also PCOS and on Metformin. It might take awhile for you to get used to the full dosage, but it’s not so bad after awhile. Hope that one cycle is all that it takes! If you want to check out my TTC story, my blog is http://notjustanarmywife.blogspot.com/

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