Friends: an episode for every life circumstance

So I love the TV show Friends. Love. I own all ten seasons, and have seen every episode no less than three times. Seriously. I used to watch it when I had serious bouts with anxiety at night and couldn’t go to sleep. It was the only think that could get my mind off my worries and make me laugh. I’ve always said of the show, particularly whenever my husband gives me a hard time about referring to how it relates to real life in conversation (“There is this one episode of Friends where this exact same thing happened!”), that there is always an episode that reminds me of whatever situation we/I/he/you/y’all/it are in.

This theory holds up even with infertility.

My friends, I give you Season 9, disc 4: The One with the Fertility Test. Chandler and Monica were trying to have a baby for over a year to no avail (sound familiar?). They go to the fertility clinic to have some tests done- Chandler, his sperm analysis, and Monica, it doesn’t say but she does say she has to go back for her “invasive vaginal exam.” Chandler makes light of the awkwardness of his test, and they run into Chandler’s ex, Jan, while there. When they get the results back, they find that Chandler’s junk has low motility and Monica’s uterus is an “inhospitable environment.” The scenes are enough that those of us who are dealing with infertility can relate (and tear up… not that I did that or anything…), but also laugh because, let’s be honest here, it’s Friends. It’s funny regardless of what’s going on most of the time (except the heart wrenching last episode).

It’s silly because it’s a TV show, and they are fictional characters, but it’s comforting to know that these two people, who if they DID exist in real life I would want to be friends with, can relate to what’s happening with me. Silly, silly, silly, I know. But also lifts some of the burden off my chest. If Monica and Chandler can deal with infertility (they eventually adopt), so can I.

And that, my friends, is how watching Friends can make you laugh, even for just a minute, about the frustrations of infertility.


3 thoughts on “Friends: an episode for every life circumstance

  1. We can’t help it if friends was hilarious, brilliant, and true to life. LOL- if it helps I also take great comfort in knowing my “friends” went through something similar.

    PS- My husband made some stupid joke a while back and I retorted with “I have friends!!” His response? “On DVD!” Yes, we’re lame, but I always found that to be so entertaining.

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