Help! HSG scheduling question.

So… my period came! I’ve never been so happy to have it in my whole life. 148 days with nothing, and voila! 10 days of progesterone, 3 days later, there it is!

So per my RE’s orders, I called the radiology dept. at the hospital to schedule my HSG this morning (CD 1). I’m concerned because the lady scheduled my HSG on CD 14! 14! Isn’t that a bit late? I kind of feel like crying because I think that it’s too late (that might just be because of all the hormones as well) and it will screw everything up. What do you guys think? Is CD 14 too late to have an HSG? Do I need to call back and get the appointment on July 28- CD 8, that she bypassed because I “might not be done with my period?” What do I do?!


1 thought on “Help! HSG scheduling question.

  1. Hmmmmm…. I had my HSG on CD7 (or 8, depending on how you count the start day). The tech said the big concern is a higher risk of infection if you’re still bleeding, as the dye they inject could push some of the tissue up through your tubes and into your abdomen. Gross, huh? They give you antibiotics to take afterwards though. My gut thought? Reschedule for CD8. It’s doubtful that CD14 will result in any degraded results, but I’m impatient. And the odds are you’ll be done anyways.

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