To follow up from yesterday’s post… several of you were extremely helpful via email and Twitter and my lone commenter. Thank you!

I decided that while day 14 is probably not that big of deal, considering there is a low likelihood I will ovulate that early anyway, if I didn’t feel comfortable with it, I shouldn’t go through with it. I sat there and thought long and hard, and realized, “Wait. This is MY body, and MY cycle. You only get to do so many cycles on Clomid and how wretched would it be if one of them were wasted because I let them do the HSG later than I was comfortable with!?” So I called. I had them reschedule it for CD8. I am fairly confident my period will be long gone by then (it has traditionally been over on day 4-5), and if it’s not? I’ll do the HSG NEXT cycle, and just do this Clomid cycle. There’s not a lot to lose that way. I’ll have my undeterred Clomid cycle, and get the HSG a month later. No harm no foul. So that’s what I did. Thanks for the helpful advice!


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