Good news!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

My Wednesday did not start so happy, as I had that HSG first thing and it WAS super unpleasant, BUT, the good news is that everything is clear and normal. Good tubes. Good uterus. Good, good, good. Happy Wednesday to me!

Just in time too, as my shipment of Pre-seed and OPK kits arrived on my doorstep. It’s like the universe knows.

Here’s to hoping and praying that the next 20 or more days do the trick and we only have to do this once. I’m trying my best to remain optimistic and positive, but simultaneously trying to not get my hopes up too high because I know that, for many/most/a lot of women, it takes a lot more than just the first try. In fact, I have yet to hear any “we got it on the first try!” stories (if you have one, please, please, please share it with me, yea?).

So, the plan is: remain hopeful, yet brace myself for utter disappointment come the end of this cycle. Thanks for all your good wishes and kind words and helpful tips about the HSG today. I hope I never have to have that done ever again.


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