The Funk

I’ve got it. That wretched funk.

I don’t know if it is being hormonally induced, or if the funk has come around naturally, but I’m full on in the middle of it. It’s just a feeling of… blah. Blah about everything and nothing. Blah because I won’t be teaching this fall. Blah because the dishes need to be done. Blah because my husband worked night call last night. Blah just because. And the blahs give way to the worries. What ifs and petty paranoia.

I like to tell myself it’s because the Clomid worked and my body’s hormones are gearing up to get my ovaries to get the job done. But I don’t really know, or think, that that’s a true statement.

Also- and trust me y’all- I’m not pregs, but everything makes me nauseous. To clarify, I’m not just nauseous for no reason. I’m nauseous about nearly every food option available to me in my house. I hate all of it, and it all makes me want to vom. I never ACTUALLY do it, but the stomach turns a bit, and I have to force the next bite down my throat.

I hear this is a side effect of one, or both, of the drugs I’ve had to take. I’m not actually taking the Clomid anymore, seeing as how it’s CD 12, but I am still taking the Met daily. I have to assume the nausea is either a lingering delayed effect of the Clo., or simply a new effect of the Met. Either way, this sucks.

Hopefully the funk moves on soon, and the nausea subsides. Seriously, though, SERIOUSLY, no one said it would be this hard or uncomfortable to try to get pregnant. This still makes me bitter on occasion.


1 thought on “The Funk

  1. Ugh, I hope the funk passes quickly. Seriously, I knew about side effects and whatnot, but, yeah, the last few months have not been my favorites. The side effects, for me at least, seem to be getting worse every month. I can’t wait to see what little surprises the IVF drugs bring with them. It’s one thing to hear about side effects, but a completely different thing to experience them. I really don’t know if there is a way to prepare. My advice is to try to keep your eye on the prize and know that the discomfort and pain is worth it.

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