A Watched Pot…

I had a thought this morning, after I took my temperature (which has taken a dramatic dip into the 96.6 range for the second time this cycle, but my thyroid is fine per my bloodwork), peed on a stick, got a big fat O, and recorded it all with disappointment in my heart. The thought was this:

My doctor’s instructions were the following: Take the met daily. Take the Clomid days 3-7. On CD 10-20/25-ish, do baby making exercises every other day, or every day, or whenever you feel like it. Call back on CD 1 to start over, OR, CD 35 to have lab pregs test done.

Notice what I wasn’t told. I wasn’t told to chart my temps. I wasn’t told to use the OPKs religiously, or even at all. Just take the meds, and have sex. Now, I’m not saying he meant anything by not telling me to do those things (because really? he didn’t), but today I had a thought: what if… what if… he left out those instructions on purpose, you know, for psychological reasons. After all, a watched pot never boils… maybe watched ovaries never ovulate?

I’m only halfway kidding really.

I talked it over with my bff (who sent me an awesome infertility present yesterday). We discussed the matter. We decided that maybe, just maybe, my anal “have to know as much information as possible” ways are hindering the process. Maybe, for this first cycle, I really do just need to relax (I know, I know… this very thought will probs piss me off in a month or two) . Not saying that relaxing will work. But seeing a big fat O in my face every morning isn’t working either- only making me fret. Sometimes, just sometimes, there is a thing called “knowing too much.” So I think, I think, I’m going to try to NOT temp, and NOT pee on a stick, for the rest of this cycle. Maybe I’ll ovulate. Maybe I won’t. Either way, I’m going to try to wait to find out at the end of the cycle- whether it be when the period arrives, or when they suck my blood to test it for pregnancy and it comes back negative (or positive!).

Ignorance is bliss, right?


4 thoughts on “A Watched Pot…

  1. I asked my RE about temping when we first met with him. He said he didn’t care if I temped or not, but that temps don’t predict ovulation (well, duh, I’m smarter than that, Doc, come on). And he told us to use the OPKs in the cycles we plan on doing an IUI since I have to schedule the IUI for the day after I get the smiley face (or when, apparently, my husband has a ‘bad sperm day’). For me it’s almost reassuring to temp and/or do the OPKs, I don’t know why, but I don’t like not knowing what’s going on in there. Plus, this is your first month on met, right? So, you might not even know what your normal O day is – we aren’t all textbook day 14 O’ers. Before I lost some weight I was a solid Day 21 O’er, now it’s either Day 15 or 16. I say cut your ovaries some slack and trust that the medication is going to do its job, and then go get a facial, pedicure, or massage (or all three!!) if you think you need to relax. 🙂

  2. Don’t lost out hope. I didn’t ovulate on the Clomid until around days 19 – 21 each time I was on it (and I was on it 7 times). I don’t even bother with the OPKs anymore because I’ve never gotten a positive one. I think temping is still fine though. I’ve been doing it for over a year now and it helps me gain a better understanding of my body. Good luck!

  3. I never got a positive OPK either. We have been trying 3 yrs – so I have taken a TON of them 😦 Sometimes the levels just aren’t high enough in some people to register (or so I am told). They always did a blood progesterone about day #22 and if it is higher than 20 it means you ovulated (per my nurse). When I took clomid (for 6 cycles) I was on 50mg and then went to 100mg. The first 3 cycles I was just seeing my reg obgyn and I took it on days 3-7, but then I saw my first RE (and did 3 more cycles before going to injectibles) he said to take it on days 5-9. I never got pregnant no matter the days, but changing up the days might work for you. Good luck!

  4. sorry for the WAY late reply here – and I haven’t had any experience with infertility, but I did want to share that when we were trying to get pregnant for Goose I was temping and charting and trying to figure out when were my “best days” to try, and was forcing hubs to have sex every other day (and yes, FORCING. He said it wasn’t fun when he HAD to do it, so he started refusing. really.) but after I quit doing all of that, and we started enjoying things again, BOOM! there I was – knocked up. I’m sure the temping, charting, etc. all have a purpose, and work well for some people, but for me? It only made things worse, for both of us. I say relax and let things happen as they will (I mean, still take the drugs and all, but stop all the other stuff and try to enjoy the now… maybe that’s all you need!) I’m not a doctor or anything though… just sharing my story. GOOD LUCK!! xo

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