Who are we kidding?

I’m totally still charting and using OPKs.



2 thoughts on “Who are we kidding?

  1. Hey friend! Fingers crossed for you today as well! No positive OPK this morning, but I may have one this afternoon. Are you testing more than once a day? If not, you definitely should! It makes it more expensive, more tests, more $, but I’ve often found I get my surge/smiley around 8 pm and I would totally miss it if I only test in the am. Also, look at the test when you eject it and you should be able to tell right before you get your smiley. Typically you’ll see 1 line, but right before the smiley the 2nd line starts to appear (this is what was visable this am, but no smiley yet). You may have already known all that, but just wanted to share all of my insider trader information with you 🙂 Fingers crossed for us both this cycle. If you ever want to chat feel free to shoot me an email sometime!

  2. Hee hee hee 🙂 I’m of the “knowledge is power” camp, so I tend to think everyone else is too. Stupid clomid. I really hope you get that smiley… Honestly, at least if you don’t end up with a BFP, at least you know it’s because your body didn’t respond and not because of something else. Keep up the morale!!

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