I *think* something happened

This week has been funny. Not funny haha, but funny… strange, in a good way.

After feeling hopeless about my odds of ovulating for a week or so, I had a sudden burst of positivity last weekend. Saturday and Sunday I was all, “You know what, whatever. If it happens this month, cool, if not, I’m ready for next cycle!” I had come to terms with everything, I suppose. Everything being the the unlikelihood of ovulating, that is. I was good, and in a great mood.

Tuesday, I woke up and, y’all, I kid you not, I just had a feeling. I had this overwhelming sense of, “You know what? I totally think I ovulated this cycle. My chart might not show it, but this charting business is a VERY imperfect science, and I sleep with my mouth open several nights, and I’ve woken up several times some nights, so who knows whether or not my temps have been accurate at all anyway. I just KNOW that I’ve either ovulated already, or I’m going to ovulate sometime soon.”

Y’all. I had no scientific evidence of this. No obvious temperature shift. No smiley OPK. Nothing to show for my confidence, just…. a feeling. I did remind myself that it was just a feeling, and I could totally be wrong, so I told myself that I needed to be okay with whatever the end result was- ovulating or not ovulating. And I felt peace. Total peace in my heart. I woke up and went to bed for the rest of this past week without fretting about what the thermometer would read in the morning. I just had a feeling, and in addition to this feeling, I had a peace about whatever the actual outcome was, whether the feeling was right or not. After all, feelings can be totally unreliable sometimes.

Friday morning, C’s alarm went off and he grabbed the thermometer, turned it on, and handed it to my half asleep self. I shoved it in my mouth, held it there, waited for the beep, grabbed my cell phone to shed some light on the display. 97.2. Hm. No big deal. It’s been that a time or two before. I went to the Fertility Friend app on my cell phone to enter it. When I was done entering it, I got the biggest shock of my week.

It said I ovulated. It dropped a coverline and an ovulation date. Just like that. Weirdest part? It says I ovulated on Monday. The day before my crazy “feeling.” Maybe they’re connected, maybe the aren’t, but the timing of those events is interesting, to say the least.

The thing is, the other software I chart on (yes, I’m the crazy that uses TWO charting softwares to cross reference each other), didn’t acknowledge the O. In fact, their coverline was a whole .3 degrees higher. When I overrode their system and set it at what FF had, it dropped the O, but I wasn’t sure what to think. Trust FF? or trust TCOYF? I know TCOYF has specific rules for setting the coverline- particularly regarding the 6 temps prior to the thermal shift, whereas FF simply goes off the “pattern” your temps seem to be following. I was a nutcase yesterday, to say the least, trying to figure out who to  trust.

Enter this morning. This morning my temperature was again at 97.2, and when I allowed the TCOYF software to calculate a CL, it set it just above where FF set theirs, and also indicated that ovulation had occurred, only this time on Wednesday rather than Monday.

Either way, friends, I think I ovulated. For reals. Whether it happened on Wednesday, or Monday, who knows. Personally, I’m praying it was Monday because, well, things will have been timed perfectly, if you know what I’m saying. Here’s the FF chart:

C and I are cautiously optimistic about whether or not I’ve ovulated, because, as you can see, the temperatures aren’t mind blowingly high or anything. We’re taking it one day, one temperature at a time, because really? That software can rain on my parade at any point if it wants to. BUT, I can tell you this, if I did ovulate? That Clomid did it’s job, even if was day 27 by the time it got it done.


1 thought on “I *think* something happened

  1. Weird! I ALSO had a burst of optimism and positivity, and then I was pretty sure I ovulated! I am not charting or peeing on anything so I have no way of checking, but I’m acting as if I did ovulate, because I am pretty sure I did… what if positivity is a new ovulation symptom haha

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