Arghhh the suspense!

Today is CD 35. Per my doctor’s instruction to call on either CD35, or CD1 of a new cycle (aka: the period came), I called in this morning. I called and left a voicemail for his nurse explaining that it’s CD35 and no period has showed, but that I’ve been charting and such and it APPEARS that I did ovulate, only it happened 8 days ago, thus, no period yet.  It was a convoluted, stupid sounding message I’m sure, because I turn into a spaz whenever I have to leave voicemails.

Regardless, she returned my call this evening. Our conversation went something like the following:

Nurse: Hi! Got your message. Okay, so, I totally believe you that you ovulated, because PCOS patients tend to be late ovulators, but… I am also really interested to see what your labs look like. You know, to see if we can go ahead and confirm that you ovulated.

Me: Yea, absolutely, sounds good.

Nurse: (some stuff about when she’ll be able to put the orders in the computer for me to go get the labs drawn) Once we get a look at your progesterone, we’ll be able to see if you’ve indeed ovulated, and if so we can expect a period about 14 days after your ovulation date, unless there’s a pregnancy. Then we can go from there.

Me: Alright. I’ve been wondering if I really did or not too, so that’ll be good to know.

Nurse: Yea. I told Dr. P that he needs to change how he looks at PCOS patients, as they can tend to ovulate later than what’s considered the normal range. So we’ll see what’s going on and go from there. (some more comments on this stuff, basically giving off the vibe that Dr. P doesn’t put a lot of stock in BBT charting at all)

So that was that. I now know a couple things: 1. my doctor is skeptical of charting BBTs 2. my doctor is skeptical of me ovulating late, like for instance, say, day twenty seven 3. my nurse seems to believe me 4. regardless of ALL of the above information, I am getting my progesterone checked tomorrow which is exciting, but I’m also officially slightly panicked about it. BUT WHY? You might ask. Why? Truthfully, because I LOATHE being wrong. It’s a pride problem. In addition to this admittedly stupid reason, I am afraid that I haven’t ovulated. Period. Not that I was wrong, or that the charting was entirely not helpful to me, but just that I didn’t ovulate at all. And then we’re back to square 1. Which is ultimately… fine… I guess. But it would still suck hardcore because:

a. I didn’t ovulate this round (duh) AND

b. I now officially would have NO WAY TO VERIFY any kind of ovulation ever, from now on. OPKs hate me, which we’ve established, and now, if my BBTs have led me astray and I haven’t ovulated like they say I have, I can’t trust or use those either. I’d basically be traveling without a map, or road signs, or even a speedometer. I’d have nothing to go by at all. I would be in the dark, completely and entirely, in the dark. Clueless. And as much as I say maybe something would happen if I just stopped keeping track of stuff, I can’t NOT know something. I can’t just do all of this blindly.

So tomorrow afternoon they will take some of my blood, and we will see if, indeed, I have ovulated like my temperatures seem to say I have. At least I’ll know for sure, right?


ps: On a note that may or may not be related, I am feeling super period-y today. Similar cramps. Similar moodiness. Watch my period come tomorrow and I’ll be all: “Yea, so, Dr. P. I clearly ovulated, as evidenced by this mess here, but clearly, I’m not pregnant. There you go. Oh, and apparently my Luteal Phase is extremely short. What  can you give me for that?” I’ll totally say that. Or some version of it. For sure.


5 thoughts on “Arghhh the suspense!

  1. Haha. Yea. I totally have. Two, actually. One yesterday, one today. Both were definitely negative. But I reminded myself that it’s only 7/8 dpo, and so really, it’s still too early to be sure. We’ll see what happens over the next week or so! : )

  2. I have a short LP – between 8 and 9 days so I requested to be put on progesterone after my IUI’s are done. I’m pretty positive that my second m/c occurred because of low progesterone levels. Fingers crossed that the labs come back with some good results!

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