Really? REALLY? UGH.

So today is the today I’m having the labs done to check my progesterone levels to confirm ovulation. Cool, right?

Except not.

Except that my temperature went plummeting south today to below the coverline, to my pre-ovulation, regular temperature. In other words, for those who aren’t charting savvy, either A. I never ovulated in the first place and my coverline is set incorrectly, or B. I did ovulate, but I have the world’s shortest luteal phase (which is it’s own fertility problem that needs correcting), and my period is coming either today or tomorrow-ish. Neither of these options bodes well for today’s blood work. Generally speaking, I think I can say with some certainty that I’m out for this cycle. I’m not pregs.  I could cry. Really. I could. I’m not going to, because I’ve got stuff to do today, but just for the record, I would cry if I didn’t have obligations. This is my first bout with infertility disappointment, and guys? It’s every bit as wretched as people describe.


4 thoughts on “Really? REALLY? UGH.

  1. I’m sorry hun. I’m hoping that something was just off with your temp this morning and that your blood work comes back with good news… but either way, I’m sending lots of love and *hugs* your way. xo

  2. I wish I could tell you that it gets easier, friend. I’m sorry you are having a rough day today. However, keep in mind that the temp drop COULD be implantation. Don’t lose hope just yet – let’s see what the progesterone levels are! Fingers crossed for you!

  3. Okay, worst case scenario: this cycle is a bust. That sucks, but you got your bloodwork, HSG, and all that bullshit out of the way. You have a better understanding of what works (and what doesn’t) for your body. That’s the ‘bright’ side, but I know how bad each failed cycle feels. 😦 And everyone says don’t count yourself out until AF arrives, I never follow that advice (because I’m too pessimistic and jaded), but I thought I’d pass it along.

  4. It’s never, ever, a happy realization to come to that a cycle is a failure. It’s not over yet though. Even if it feels like crap right now.

    But if it is, like AAW said, at least you are checking things off the list. You know that this dose of clomid doesn’t work. A higher one might! Or stims might! In my experience, the OPKs would often give me false positives. For the six months or so I went through unmedicated (only metformin, no ovarian stimulation), I got positives around CD20 or so. I’d get bloodwork 10 days later that said NOPE! They lied. I had an u/s after one that confirmed the same thing- I’d get an LH surge, but no actual O.

    I hope hope hope that’s not the case with you, but as far as going through blindly? That’s what mid-cycle bloodwork and u/s are for. That’s the only thing that gives me any sort of confidence in this process- the actual SEEING follicles. MEASURING sizes. Without that, I’d be lost.

    Good luck- and keep us posted.

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