Round 2

Alrighty, friends. AF showed up late last night and is in full effect. It’s funny, because I don’t actually HATE my period. I’m not so sure why. I mean, the first two days of it are horrendously… messy (TMI!!! AHHH!), so it’s not like it’s because mine is easy. I guess maybe it’s because it’s never come on it’s own at any point in our baby making journey. It’s always had to be coaxed out by rounds of progesterone, so I’ve never felt that disappointment of it showing up when I’m praying it won’t. My disappointment prefers to come in the form of lab results. Whatever.

Anyway, so it came (which, haha, is good… because I went away for the weekend and FORGOT ALL MY MEDICATIONS- including the last two days of progesterone, so I was freaking out slightly about screwing stuff up).  So on Tuesday I will have CD 3 labs, start the Clo Clo and be on my merry way. Honestly y’all? I don’t even feel any kind of anticipation about this cycle. No hope. No fear. No nerves. Just a whole bunch of meh. I can’t get myself all worked up like I did last time. Mostly because I don’t want to end up crying in an empty bathtub for three hours when this cycle doesn’t work. So… I’d rather just be meh about things.

In terms of tracking this cycle, this is the plan: labs on CD 3 and 10 (Clo Clo challenge), and I think I will do temps- ONLY because C’s doctor friend who happens to be a woman who happens to LOVE ob/gyn stuff chatted with me a bunch over the weekend about all this and she thinks I should chart- not to hang my hopes on it, but simply to have more information for the future. Just to know. So I told her I would.

So there we are. Ready for a new cycle. Doing my best to just. not. care.

Hope you guys had a wonderful, relaxing weekend!


1 thought on “Round 2

  1. I know what you mean about your period – I never get mine so in general I am excited to see it because it means something is working right (either my body is or the drugs are!). Good luck this cycle!!!

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