The NEW, and improved, Plan

Today was the ultrasound, and, (drumroll please), I absolutely have the PCOS. No doubt. All kinds of cute, but useless, 6-7mm follies hanging out down there doing… nothing. My estradiol today? A piddly 31. Seriously. We’ve got nothing. GET WITH THE PROGRAM, OVES.

Thanks to those of you who suggested options like F.emara. While I’ve heard good things about it, my doctor, whom I trust, didn’t even mention it (and I know he’s used it before with other people), which leads me to believe he thinks I need something stronger than just CloClo or the Fem. I’m absolutely okay with this.

So he started me on Gonal-F injections, henceforth to be know as GoGo injections. Sort of like, GO OVARIES, GO! (Haaaahaaa. I’m so funny in my own mind). GoGo injections and timed intercourse is the plan for now. I go in on Tuesday morning for another ultrasound and blood work. I guess from now on this will be a weekly event for me.

C gave me my first injection today. It wasn’t bad, and I could probably suck it up and give it to myself if necessity dictated it, but until that time, he’s master and commander of the injections because I just cannot for the life of me stick a needle in myself. Blegh.

I would be a sorry heroin addict, no?


5 thoughts on “The NEW, and improved, Plan

  1. I saw your reference to me in your other post πŸ™‚ Nurse D was most likely referring to me. I didn’t trigger until CD 30 last time and will be triggering on CD 27 this time. The nurses, ultrasound tech, and I are BFFs since I see them at least 10 times per cycle. Gotta love the PCOS, right? Overstimming is no joke though – IUI #2 got cancelled because there were too many follies to count and an estradiol level that didn’t match up at all. Think about 30 – 35 follies with an E2 of under 100.

    I was definitely intimidated by sticking myself with the needles, but it has actually become second nature to me. I get up in the morning, prep the area and needle, stick myself, and get on with my morning routine. The anticipation of doing it the first time is the hardest part to get past. Word of advice, if you’re going to use a trigger shot (which I’m assuming you will be even with TI), Nurse D will try to give you a big scary intramuscular one that they usually use with the IVF ladies. You can ask for Ovidrel – a MUCH smaller needle that is given like the Gonal. Just keep that bad boy in the fridge until you need it if you decide to go with that one. Oh and the earlier you get in there for your monitoring appointments the better. If they try to give you an appointment any time past 7:00, still go in early or you’ll wait forever. Ok done rant πŸ™‚ Good luck girl!

  2. Unlike Lauren, I really didn’t mind the crazy trigger needle. In fact, I didn’t feel it go in at all, nor did I feel the fluid going in, or the needle coming back out. I kept my butt completely unflexed and it was the easiest shot of the cycle. Food for thought.

    Now I will regale you with my Go Go’s references.

    Thus far, your oves have been on one big “vacation”. Now that they’re back in business, they plan on going fully “head over heels” for the Go Go. And once they start exclaiming “we’ve got the beat!”, you’ll “get up and go” get your business on to make-uh zee beh beh. In the final chapter of this story, you’ll be able to modestly proclaim “our lips are sealed!” until the end of the first trimester πŸ™‚

    You know I just made your day.

  3. Wake me up, before you gogo, don’t leave me hanging on like a yoyo… (freak gasoline fight accident) – Zoolander reference

    Anyway, good luck with the GoGo!

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