A bigger worry for now

Tomorrow is my u/s and blood work appointment, but tonight I don’t even care because our dog disappeared today. My heart is heavy and I can’t think about much else. Update on the appointment coming tomorrow. If you believe in something, pray that our dog is returned to us safe and sound as soon as possible. When you don’t have children, your pets are your children. We love our dog, and we want her back.


1 thought on “A bigger worry for now

  1. That is so scary! I hope she comes home soon! Thinking good doggie-go-home thoughts on your behalf 😦 I’m sure you’ve done this already but just in case – make sure you give a description/picture of her to local shelters just in case she turns up somewhere (we caught a stray once and kept her in the back yard for a few hours – we were able to reunite her with her owners by calling the shelters to see if anyone had reported a missing dog that matched her description).

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