Perfect Ending to a Bad Beginning

I clearly bailed on all of you on Tuesday and never posted an update about my wanding and blood work. So sorry. Finding my dog was the number one priority, and for a few days, I could’ve cared less what my ovs were doing. For the complete story on that, check out my main blog: The Army Doctor’s Wife.

The week ended near perfectly though, starting with us finding our sweet dog yesterday afternoon, getting good news from the RE today, putting the smack down on our homeowner’s association accountants, and decorating my house for fall/Halloween- the beginning of my favorite time of year! There was even a full rainbow across the sky at the end of it all.

So rewind to Tuesday. I went in for my follie check and blood work. My follies were… negligible at best. Bah. BUT, when the nurse called with my blood work results, she said my estradiol had gone up from 31 to 63. A small, but promising jump. So she told me to come back today, Friday.

In between that time I lost my mind trying to find my dog and balance school and remembering to eat and forgetting all household chores. Then I found my dog and things slowly started righting themselves.

Today, I went back in to check things out. Today, there were two clear dominant follies- one on each ovary. When I say dominant here, I’m not talking 18mm+ awesome follies, but hopefully growing, clear leaders of the pack at 11mm and 10.6 mm each. Everyone else was eating their dust. When the nurse called with the blood work results, she said, and I quote, “It looks like you’ve turned a corner! It’s great- your estradiol levels went up to 134!”

Wooo! I know it’s not trigger time, or requiring any action at this point, but it means that FINALLY something is jump starting my ovs like they should be. I’m relieved. I go back Monday morning bright and early for another check up. Hopefully the follies are ready to burst and my estradiol is through the roof. A girl can hope and pray, no?

In addition to these fabulous endings, my husband has been dealing with our homeowner’s association because they said we were delinquent on a payment and were charging us late fees, which…. is completely false. In fact, we are one payment AHEAD of schedule. So he spent a good two hours going back and forth between them and the bank, and at the end? The homeowner’s association called us and apologized for their mistake, which was crediting OUR payment to a different account. Score for us.

Then it rained, and I decorated our house for Halloween because y’all? October is my single most favorite month of the year. The weather turns beautiful and chilly, my birthday comes, Halloween is always fun, and generally it just brings good feelings to my heart.

And when I was walking by the back door to set some pumpkin spice candles on the mantle, I looked outside and a complete rainbow was arching over the sky. It was a beautiful ending to a beautiful week. Happy October, y’all!




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