Wait. What?

This morning was yet another wanding monitoring appointment. It was all good news. One 15 mm follie on one side, and a 13 mm on the other. And the uterine lining is 11.6mm, which is good, right?

So anyway, the nurse took a look at the sizes and made some kind of celebratory remark and brought me back to her office where she pulled a box from the drawer and said, “I’m going to give you a trigger shot.” She instructed me to ABSOLUTELY UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES use it until they give me the go ahead, and then she explained to me how it will work (it’s Ovidrel, for you infertility friends who know about this stuff). She then said that she will call me later with the labs, and if all looks well I can expect to trigger on Wednesday night. She’d call me later with lab results and whether or not they want to bring me in before triggering, if indeed it were to be planned for Wednesday night.

Wooo! I was excited for all that good news.

She called around 2pm-ish and told me my lab results- estradiol was at 382! Woohoo! Great news. Then she said that I need to take the trigger shot at 10pm on Wednesday night. Okay, check! But there was more. She told me to go ahead and call the sperm washing place to make an appointment to have a sperm wash done.

Wait, what? We never discussed IUI-ing this cycle. We never really discussed WHAT would happen in this cycle at all, other than moving me up to the injections, actually. I just assumed we’d have timed intercourse and all that jazz. I mean, I’m not opposedΒ to IUI-ing, I just wasn’t really mentally prepared to hear that. So she gave me the phone number to the place and told me that the IUI is scheduled for 10am on Thursday morning, and that we should go to the sperm washing place whenever they can have us come in that morning, and immediately go to their clinic afterwards, whether it be 9:30am or 11am. Just to come, and they’d get me in to complete the IUI.

Y’all. I’m kind of in shock here. I’m definitely not opposed to doing an IUI. Really, I’m not. But I was all psyched up to GET. IT. ON. to make babies (ahahaha, tmi, sorry), and suddenly we are going all the way with the science and stuff. It’s just a mental adjustment, I suppose. And honestly, I bet if I called tomorrow and said, “Hey look, we didn’t really discuss this IUI business ahead of time, and C and I aren’t really ready to jump to that step yet. We’d like to try timed intercourse first, etc. etc.” That they’d have NO problem with it. I really don’t think they would. I don’t know what they were thinking, but I do know that the drugs- all those expensive injections- are paid for by a government grant so we the patients aren’t paying a dime for them. I imagine that they want to maximize their chances of success with each woman they hand them out to, and for me, an IUI likely maximizes them. I don’t really know. I’m not tooΒ worried about it, like I said. Just caught off guard.

C was getting ready to walk out the door to go to work and overheard the conversation. He seemed urked, so I immediately freaked out and was all, “OMG. Are you mad? Do you not want to do an IUI? Etc. Etc. Etc.” He laughed and said that no, he wasn’t mad at all, but that he was a little miffed at the surprise. As a doctor himself, he thinks that news like that shouldn’t ever be a surprise to the patient, so, uh, yea. He wasn’t angry, but he was on the more extreme said of the, “Wait, what?” reaction.

All in all, I think we are both okay with doing an IUI, dare I say even a little excited. Just taken aback because we didn’t think that’s what we were doing. Just a simple miscommunication this time around. We aren’t angry. I still have the utmost confidence in my doctor and his nurse. And uh, yea. So that’s that. IUI on Thursday at 10 am. Oh goodness.

PS: My IUI friends- tell me this, because I don’t remember what the nurse told me. I know I am to continue to gogo injections today and tomorrow, but do I take one on Wednesday afternoon, the day of my trigger (trigger is at 10pm- shots are usually mid-afternoon)? What were you guys told? I will probably call to verify with the nurse tomorrow, but I wanted to know what you guys did.



8 thoughts on “Wait. What?

  1. I continued injections until the day before the trigger. In your case, I’d shot up the gogo (menopur in my case) tonight and tues, then do the trigger wednesday.

    Here’s where our clinics differ though, and you’ll have to talk to Lauren- Ours (and many others that I’ve heard) do the IUI 36 hours after the trigger shot. It takes approx 24-30 hrs for the egg to split down to 23 chromosomes and do other getting ready things before it gets released. And from what I’ve heard, cleaned sperm doesn’t live as long as non-cleaned sperm.

    So in our case, we’d do the dirty the night of the trigger, then wait the next 36 hours… then do the IUI, then prance around together the night of the IUI and the next night. For posterities sake. And convince ourselves when we get pregnant that its from one of those encounters, not the catheter πŸ™‚

    Good luck!!! Excited!!! Do you know how big your follies were?

    • I’m assuming you were talking about me, so I’ll answer about IUI timing πŸ™‚ I’ve covered the spectrum on when the IUI is done after triggering. I did a 12 hr, 24 hr, 36 hr, and 48 hr. No good results yet on the 12, 24, or 48, so hopefully 36 is the right timing for us. Definitely BD (ugh I hate that term but I’m trying to be tactful) the night of the trigger and after the IUI.

  2. No Gonal the day of your trigger! The Ovidrel needle is just about the same size as the Gonal needle so you’ll know what to expect with it πŸ™‚ Good luck!

  3. I have IUI’s at 2 different clinics and one preferred 24hrs after trigger and one did 36hrs after trigger. With both I didn’t do any other shots the day of trigger, except the trigger. Unfortunately, none of the IUI’s worked for me….but maybe you will get lucky πŸ™‚ Good luck!

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