The Final Countdown

Tomorrow is the IUI. Tonight is the trigger shot.

C wanted me to call the nurse back on Tuesday and verify with her exactly why we were doing an IUI. He just couldn’t handle the shock of not knowing that’s what we were doing ahead of time, even though we had agreed that we would go through with it. So I called, and of course, it was exactly what I thought it would be: an IUI doubles our chances of getting pregs as opposed to just timed intercourse, and, when the shots are so expensive and being provided to us free of charge thanks to a government grant we want to maximize each time we have to use them- not to mention hopefully avoid another round of giving myself shots. She said that we could back off and just do TI, but I told her that, no, we absolutely wanted to do the IUI. So IUI it is. And it’s tomorrow.

As for the timing- 12 hrs, vs. 24 hrs., vs. 36. I’m not sure what the doctor’s reasoning there is, but from what I’ve gathered this is where he starts all his IUI patients at. I know he’s been tremendously successful at getting girls pregs, so… I’m just going to trust he knows what he’s doing this time around. That, and the nurse said we will still definitely need to be having the sexes starting the day of the IUI and for about a week after, JUST IN CASE. I’m ALL about maximizing the odds here, people.  (That was a ton of TMI, but you know, you knew what you were getting into here.)

I’m not going to go nuts. I’ve already decided this. I’ve told myself that this time, I’m not going to analyze every twinge or “symptom.” I’m not going to walk around being all, “I COULD BE PREGNANT RIGHT NOW,” in my head. I’m just going to do my best to throw myself into school and work (I got a job! Woo!) and hanging out with friends, and not dwell on what could or could not be happening in my uterus.

I don’t even know when or if I’ll start testing. I don’t think I’ll read up on the science behind IUI’s and when implantation should or should not occur. I’ve done well this cycle by only relying on the information given to me in monitoring appointments, it’s kept me from going crazy. I think I’m going to stick to that route, and see what happens. Mostly, I just want to avoid laying in an empty bathtub for three hours sobbing and eating pizza. I don’t know that this will work. I’m praying it does. I’m hoping that C’s excellent swimmers, my seemingly good uterine lining, and my actually developed follicles releasing an egg actually come together in some kind of serendipitous way, but I’m not going to walk around believing this is going to happen FOR SURE. I’m just going to trust that whatever happens, however it happens, is what was supposed to happen right now, at this point in our lives.

T-9.5 hours until trigger, y’all. Woo!


5 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. 1) Congratulations on getting a job!
    2) Good luck! Also, when you wrote having the sexes I heard it in Borat’s voice, but I’m not sure he ever said that (it just sounded like something he would say).

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