You know what frustrates me? It frustrates me that everyone’s answer is “no” right now. No to all kinds of things ranging from simple CloClo, to injectables and IUI, all the way to the mother of infertility treatments: IVF. I know my friends are heartbroken, and frustrated, and furious. I am heartbroken for them. Each and every one of them deserves the baby they’ve been trying for for so long, and for so hard. All their no’s lead me to believe that mine is coming soon. That’s right, friends, I’m on the mental preparedness train, prepping myself for a “no,” because that seems to be the universal answer as of late.

As for the not being crazy this cycle, I’ve managed to keep it to a minimum, only googling IUI success stories/rates once or twice. I so badly want this to work, and to be IT, but I just have a sneaking suspicion that it’s not.

I need people to start getting yes’s. I need it like whoa, because their yes’s give me hope. I need me some hope in a big way.


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  1. I have been trying for 3yrs: 7 clomid cycles, 3 Femera cycles, 5 iui’s, 2 ivf’s and this is my first FET cycle. I have never seen a positive pregnancy test….until yesterday! My RE would not budge in moving up my beta (that is scheduled for Monday). Being a dr’s wife, I have connections and I talked a dr friend into ordering the test yesterday….it came back 64….sixty four!! At this rate it could be over 200 by Monday….or it could be a short lived victory. I will update my blog on Monday if it really is “real”. Since it was a fet, there was no trigger shot so any hcg that is there is being made by something naturally. Don’t give up hope!

    • WOOOOO! That’s SUCH exciting news! I’m so excited for you! I’ve got my fingers crossed for Monday. Thanks for sharing this with me- a nice bit of hope to hang onto. : )

  2. You’ve got to keep in mind that fertility is like flipping a coin. Just because you’ve been hearing a lot of people have been flipping heads up, that doesn’t mean your coin is going to be heads. I’ve got hope for you, lady!

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