Beta #1

Well, friends. It’s for reals.

HCG: 95.1

Progesterone: 30.98

My next beta is Monday, and if the numbers are doubling up like they should, I won’t be back until my first ultrasound.

My first ultrasound is scheduled for November 9th.

I’m praying for numbers raising like they should.

Thank you all for your sweet comments and support. So many of the women I’ve met through these interwebs are the nicest people I’ve ever known. Thank you especially for reminding me to celebrate, because truthfully for the first 48 hours I was quite a debbie downer about it all- in real life, and on the internets.

We’re not out of the woods yet, but I’m grateful to be standing here at the beginning of them.


4 thoughts on “Beta #1

  1. YEAH!! Keeping my fingers crossed that your beta numbers continue to rise! And the waiting continues 😦 I think all those summer trips to Disney standing in long lines were foreshadowing…waiting is SO hard. Hang in there! This is going to be the cycle – I just know it!!

    I’m going to stay a positive as possible for you – because you deserve it my love.
    I’m so excited to see those numbers…. I’m so happy for you two 🙂
    Sending lots of love your way! xo

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