Pregnancy Stupid

You know what I didn’t know that I didn’t know?

How pregnancy weeks are counted.

I thought the time started counting at conception, which with us, is fairly easy to pinpoint to a certain three-ish day span. According to MY way, I’m like 2 weeks, 3 days pregnant. Because I just wasn’t pregnant before 2 weeks, 3 days ago, right? Well, apparently that’s wrong according to the rest of the world.

I’ve read lots of things recently, particularly “pregnancy by week” things, and every single one of them includes the theoretical two weeks BEFORE you ever ovulate. Everything is based off the last day of your last menstrual period. This was (and honestly still is) beyond confusing for me, because there were like, 26 days before I ovulated- not 14, and well, WHAT? You’re NOT PREGNANT BEFORE YOU OVULATE. SO WHY DOES IT COUNT?

So when our parents have asked us how far along we are here, I of course have been answering with “2 weeks, so it’s still really early and anything can go wrong.” And C’s close intern friends who have known what we’ve been going through to get pregnant have been informed simply because they knew we did an IUI, and people ask questions, etc. So everyone that knows has been warned that it’s super early and anything can go wrong, etc. etc. And that we’re 2 weeks pregnant.

Fast forward to last night. We’re having dinner with one of the other interns and his wife. Wife congratulates C, and other intern says to me with a smile, “It’s still really early, so I’m saving my congratulations for a couple weeks from now. I would be a wreck if Wife was pregnant and it was still so early. So many things can still happen.” This sounds pretty rude in writing, but you’ve got to know the guy. I wasn’t offended. Instead, I was like, YES. THANK YOU. IT’S SO EARLY STILL. C has been trying to get me to stop being a debbie downer about what could happen.

So a little later in the evening, pregnancy comes back up and I mention what I’ve been reading and that by THOSE standards, I’m something like 4 weeks, 3 days pregs, at which point Other Intern gives me a big smile and says, “OH, congratulations then! You’re far enough along to congratulate.” I was all, “W.T.F.? WHY? WHY? 2 OF THOSE WEEKS THERE WAS NOTHING IN MY UTERUS??”

C and Other Intern spent several minutes trying to explain the logic to me, but I still just. don’t. get. it. C said that when we go in for an ultrasound on Nov. 9, they will give us a better, more accurate week/day count, but that it will be based on that same system of counting the couple weeks prior to actually conceiving. Y’all. I never knew.

Anyway. Tomorrow is the ever important second beta. I just need to get through tomorrow, never mind figuring out how many “weeks” I am pregnant.

Did you guys know that’s how pregnancy weeks are counted? I’m the only ridiculous one, aren’t I?


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Stupid

  1. Fingers crossed for tomorrow! The weeks thing is confusing but that is just how it’s done. If you look around online you can find due date calculators for people who did IUI, IVF and FET. In my case, my embryos were fertilized (conceived) in August, put back in me in Oct and I have no idea when my last period was – a while ago. This is also why due dates of people who get pregnant without help are often off by up to 2 weeks – in either direction!

  2. I didn’t figure ou the week counting till around 8 weeks! I was using the same logic as you and was considering myself 6 weeks…

    Now I am 18 weeks, and it still doesn’t make sense =)

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