Off the ledge

You people. You people are why I blog. You talk me off the ledge, and encourage me, and make me feel a smidge less crazy. It’s like free therapy on occasion. Not only do you people encourage me and talk me off the ledge, I get the privilege of knowing your stories too, and encouraging when I can, and talking off the ledge when I’m not standing on the edge of it myself. Thank you so much for all your encouraging stories and advice yesterday. I’m feeling much less panicked about it all today, and like maybe it’s all good right now after all. It’s only 5 weeks (as of today! Woo!), so as always, anything can happen, but I feel reassured knowing what’s been happening is not anything but normal.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go tear up at the conclusion Seinfeld Finale rerun (and I definitely totally didn’t remember how to spell Seinfeld just now…umm….)


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