And Dr. Google saayyysss…

Yesterday I mentioned my tendency lately to think I’m pregnant based on all these things my body is doing, but always being wrong. Here are a few of them:

Excess saliva, which is totally a thing.
Increased libido, which is noticeable because for the longest time there has been a distinct LACK of said libido
Cramping. So much of the cramping. Ovary and uterine regions alike.
Super, super emotional/sensitive. Like, a lot.
Periodic nausea throughout the day
Nausea when milk lets down while nursing- which I never had when E was a newborn, or EVER, really, until the past week or two.
All of those things are early pregnancy symptoms. Funny story though, because apparently they can also happen when your body is gearing up for it’s first postpartum period. WHO KNEW? Dr. Google did, that’s who.
So after spending a small fortune on pregnancy tests lately, and having them all come up negative despite my best attempts to squint for lines and SEEING THINGS I COULD’VE SWORN WERE LINES, I’m chocking all of my potential pregnancy symptoms up to my body trying to figure out what it’s doing and trying to maybe have a period like a normal female?
Or not. You never know. It could go on like this for months. Either way, I’m not pregnant as far as I can tell (or as far as multiple tests of 4 different brands of pregnancy tests can tell).
Today, we’re calling it the postpartum period lead-up. We’ll see what happens in the following weeks. It’s like a new game.

1 thought on “And Dr. Google saayyysss…

  1. Yeah I kind of thought I was pregnant and then I got my first postpartum period. The periodic nausea, the cramping and whatnot in the uterus, etc. I was like … pregnant? Impossible…! But I took a test and it was negative. And then a week or two later I got my period.

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