TTC Track Record

Here’s the rundown of where we’ve been and what we’ve done on our Trying To Conceive (TTC) journey:

February 2005: No period for 3 months. Ob/gyn pulls labs and diagnoses PCOS based off 3:1 LH/FSH ratio. No other signs or symptoms of PCOS. RXs oral contraceptive pills (OCP) to regulate cycle.

February 2005-January 2011: OCPs like clockwork. Regular cycles. No acne. Miracle drug. Clearly.

January 2011: Go off OCPs… just to see what happens.

February 2011: Period arrives on CD 39

April 2011: CD 60. Husb looks over old medical records at my request and is skeptical about PCOS diagnosis, seeing as how the only test done was the labs. Sends me to see primary care doc for advice/more tests. Primary care doc also skeptical of PCOS diagnosis. Runs labs again. LH:FSH ration still 3:1, all other numbers look good. Recommends follow-up with ob/gyn when I get to North Carolina. Begin developing acne like I’ve never seen before- face, chest, and back.

June 2011: CD 125. Impossible to get appointment with doctor. Have to wait until July.

July 2011: CD 143. See RE/Infertility specialist. He does not disagree with PCOS diagnosis after looking at labs. RXs: 10 day progesterone challenge, 100 mg Clomid for CD 3-7, 2000mg Metformin XR. Schedule HSG when CD 1 arrives.

July 2011: Husb has an SA: results are awesome

July 2011: HSG performed. All clear and normal.

July/August 2011: Clomid cycle #1. Failed: no ovulation.

September 2011: Begin progesterone to induce period.

September 2011: Clomid cycle #2: Clomid challenge. B/W comes back indicating my ovaries are non-responsive to the CloClo.

October 2011: IUI #1 (after labs indicated no response to CloClo) Gonal 75 IUs (cd 12-24) + Ovidrel

October 18, 2011: BFP!

Beta #1, 14dpo: 95

Beta #2: 18dpo: 512

First Ultrasound: Nov. 9: See and hear the heartbeat!! Happy day!!

June 26, 2012: Baby E, our precious girl, is born!

May 2013: Stop taking BCPs….  just to see what happens. Still no postpartum period.


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